Mid-Season–Conserve Water!


Things can changes between Spring and Summer. Whether caused by kids playing in your yard or any of numerous home improvement projects (not to mention unpredictable weather), there are numerous things that can impact the effectiveness of your irrigation system. During July and August, our technicians can come out and ensure that your system is performing to optimum levels.

Mid-Season Inspection Includes:

Inspect over-all performance
Re-adjust sprinkler heads
Check for leaks and seeping
Adjust controller/timer for seasonal weather
Move, raise, or lower sprinkler heads due to changing landscape

Wasting Water is Costly

water-More than 40 percent of residential irrigation water is lost due to evaporation, runoff, overwatering, or improper system design/installation/maintenance. Save money, time and natural resources when you keep your system in tip-top condition with a mid-season inspection.

Cutting irrigation waste will make a huge positive impact on the environment. Read more about water conservation , find water conservation tips and news on other important water issues here. Put every drop of water to work by minimizing evaporation and waste.


Make maintaining your yard easy and convenient:

You may want to consider going high tech with one of the newer ‘smart’ timers. These new devices strategically control when the system waters and they are designed to conserve water. These timers will automatically update your watering schedule to allow for changes in water needs throughout the year. A smart controller will automatically reduce the watering times as the weather gets cooler and less water is needed. Then as the weather begins to warm up, the controller will add more watering time. The way this typically works is that you set the controller for a default maximum watering time, based on the hottest time of year. Then the controller reduces that time amount by a percentage value when less water is needed.

Contact Digital Rain Sprinkler Service at (402) 934-7900 or visit our website to schedule a free estimate on a system install or to find out what you can do to make your existing system more efficient. We welcome commercial and residential clients. We are always more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and to provide you with all of the information you need.


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