Go Green with Digital Rain Sprinkler Service


A well maintained lawn not only looks better, but also increases your property value and curb appeal. Digital Rain irrigation systems are environmentally friendly. We believe in preserving our greatest resource, so we use both products and techniques that create the most efficient use of water.


Simple Tips for Sprucing Up Your Sprinkler

Before you ramp up your watering this spring, spruce up your irrigation system by remembering four simple steps: inspect, connect, direct, and select:

· Inspect. Check your system for clogged, broken or missing sprinkler heads. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, go with a pro.

· Connect. Examine points where the sprinkler heads connect to pipes/hoses. If water pools in your landscape or you have large wet areas, you could have a leak in your system. A leak about as small as the tip of a ballpoint pen (or 1/32nd of an inch) can waste about 6,300 gallons of water per month.

· Direct. Are you watering the driveway, house, or sidewalk instead of your yard? Redirect sprinklers to apply water only to the landscape.

· Select. An improperly scheduled irrigation controller can waste a lot of water and money. Update your system’s schedule with the seasons, or select a WaterSense labeled controller to take the guesswork out of scheduling.

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Our professional irrigation designers will customize a state-of-the art system for your property that will efficiently provide water; a real asset with today’s environmental concerns. Our skilled crews will then install your system with modern installation techniques that virtually eliminate any damage to your existing landscape.

We are also scheduling start up for our automatic bug/mosquito control system customers. If you would like to schedule a start up or would like more information about our automatic bug/mosquito systems please call 402-934-7900.
And remember, whether you need our services now… or later in the season, Your Healthy Lawn is Our Passion and we are only a phone call away!

Call 402-934-7900 to schedule your service.


Go green today! Digital Rain Sprinkler Service will help. Call us today at (402) 934-7900 or visit Digital Rain Sprinkler Service for more information.


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