Mosquito Free Yards

Yes, it is possible! Don’t be at the mercy of annoying insects, mosquitoes, no-see-ums and their painful bites.


Many mosquito problems in your neighborhood are likely to come from water-filled containers that you, the resident, can help to eliminate. All mosquitoes require water in which to breed.

Be sure to drain any standing water around your house. Even the smallest of containers that can collect water can breed hundreds to thousands of mosquitoes.They don’t need much water to lay their eggs. ( bottles, buckets, barrels, overturned trash can lids, etc.)

Top Tips

• Dispose of any tires.Tires can breed thousands of mosquitoes.

• Drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers.

• Clear roof gutters of debris.

• Clean pet water dishes regularly.

• Check and empty children’s toys.

• Repair leaky outdoor faucets.

• Change the water in bird baths at least once a week.

• Canoes and other boats should be turned over.

• Avoid water collecting on pool covers.

• Empty water collected in tarps around the yard or on woodpiles.

• Plug tree holes.

Install an Automatic Mosquito Misting System
Professional Mosquito Misting System Installation from Digital Rain Sprinkler Service
MistAway – the revolutionary automatic mosquito misting system that effectively eliminates mosquitoes and other biting insects from your yard. There has never been a more effective outdoor mosquito control product than the MistAway Mosquito Misting System.
Leave it to the Pros

Leave it to the Pros!
Digital Rain Sprinkler Service technicians have been trained in the installation techniques that will yield a practically invisible, yet effective protective shield for your backyard and patio. And we have a thorough knowledge of our equipment and the range of available insecticides, along with direct access to our expertise. For most would-be owners, it just makes sense to rely on their experience to install and service the system.

There has never been a more effective outdoor mosquito control product than the MistAway Mosquito Misting System.
The automatic mosquito misting control unit – either our innovative tankless mosquito misting model or our traditional drum-based mosquito misting model – is located anywhere that is convenient to a water faucet and electrical outlet.

mist1 Our precision-engineered mosquito misting nozzles are installed about every 10-15 feet around the perimeter of your property; on fence lines, trees and risers positioned in the landscaping for a mosquito-free yard.

The misting unit’s electronic controller is programmed to automatically initiate a 30 – 60 second mosquito-killing mist around dawn and again at dusk, when the mosquitoes are most active and other beneficial insects – like bees and butterflies – are not.

mist2 The fine mist drifts around the property and settles on the grass and landscaping, killing any mosquito that comes in contact with it. MistAway’s mosquito misting systems can also help control other unwanted insects, like spiders, flies, gnats and no-see-ums.

mist3 The Mist Away Mosquito Misting Systems works automatically or with a handheld remote and provides worry free outdoor mosquito control. You’ll never again have to spray your kids with messy repellents, or remember to fog your backyard before an evening cookout.

arrow get started

Visit our website for more information, or call 402-934-7900 now to get started!

Life is too short to feel uncomfortable in your own backyard. With a MistAway Misting System from Digital Rain Sprinkler Service, you won’t have to.


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