Winterizing Your Sprinkler System


<!–Winter and cold weather is not far off and that means it’s time to start thinking about winterizing!

This also means it is time to think about turning off your irrigation systems as weather allows. Digital Rain Sprinkler Service is now taking calls at 402-934-7900 to schedule your system close down.

When to Winterize

The weather conditions each year will determine the best time to winterize your sprinkler system. Although most of the system is underground and protected until the ground freezes, external parts like the backflow preventer and blow-out port can freeze from cold overnight temperatures. You should winterize as soon as you are sure you no longer need continual watering, although you may want to keep your system running as long as possible if you have new trees or have done a fall seeding.

Damage occurs when water freezes and expands inside sprinklers, pipes   and valves. Therefore, enough water has to be drained from the system to prevent breakage before cold weather hits.

What We Do :

Our technicians will turn off the water supply, clear and prepare all the lines to prevent freezing, and leakage. The cost to make repairs on systems which have frozen is great and a bit of prevention each fall will ensure you are leak-free and ready to water your lawn and landscape in the spring.

1. Shut off water pressure to your irrigation system

2. Open main drain valve to drain out main line

3. Open drain valve inside electric valve box to drain lateral lines

4. Manually open all electronic valves to allow lateral lines to drain into mainline

5. Keep valve solenoids and bleeder valves open for winter

6. Open test ports on backflow device in order to winterize backflow device

7. Close gate valves on backflow device


Sprinkler Blowouts – Why You Should Hire a Professional Service

Sprinkler blowouts are a simple services for professionals to provide, but the easy and quality of a professional sprinkler blowout comes from experience.

Even small amounts of water trapped in a valve or pipe can expand enough during freezing weather to crack and damage your sprinkler system, and using high pressured air improperly through a sprinkler system can not only damage your system, but can also be dangerous.

Digital Rain Sprinkler Service

Remember, whether you need our services now… or early next season, Your Healthy Lawn is Our Passion and we are only a phone call away!

Call 402-934-7900 or contact us to schedule your service.

Thank you,

The Digital Rain Sprinkler Service Team



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